one of those moods


no piggy no!!!
you filled the role of the person I'm supposed to dream about
you gave him a name
a backround
a face
and now he is a solid person for me to touch
whenever i please
but it's only a part you play
not who you are
it's difficult for my mind to accept that
it thinks you are prince charming
but my heart and I-
we know better.

poem# 2:
you, my dear poet, are everywhere
every nail in the wall
reminds me of the spikes I've driven in
which you kept without argument.
wordless child,
the cracks in my walls commit suicide
i fear you'll do the same
but i keep driving the nails
no matter how much i love what I'm impaling
I'd rather stab than embrace
Heartless: trying to discover what this pain in my chest is...

poem # 3
You Were Beautiful Once
You were beautiful once
before you thought about me "in that way"
you were beautiful once
when you read your feelings to me without any regret
You were beautiful once
and I placed my trust in you
You were beautiful once
I saw you as giddy as a teenage girl in love
You were beautiful once
before we began wrestling that time
before your hands fell to areas i'd forbidden you
before the fire came into your pupils
before you became a monster right in front of my eyes
and took what you wanted despite my fear and my whimpering
I thought you were beautiful once-
long, long ago.