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Online Slang


Blowing up my pants
Since I'm bored, I went to an "online slang dictionary", where I found many amusing words and slurs. This is something I have wrote with this new language:

My life (not really):

I ran out of matches, so I had to monkey fuck my ciggarette to get it lit. I got thirsty, so I went out for a mutha junkst. But it was then I realized, that I was ass out! I was walking by, when I noticed a girl had a great badonkadonk! I said "Hey, bebeh!" but she replied "Get away, you baked badload!" I was practically having a big O in my pants! Suddenly, a big Onion came over and beat me down!

See what stories you can make!

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
Well, me and my fellow gentlemen at the country club were enjoying quite a good game of golf when suddenly I noticed rain clouds on the horizon.

"Well, it looks like rain." I informed my friends. Disappointed we decided to go onto the internet in search of entertainment. We were surprised, the internet was vast indeed with many things we had never imagined. We joined a chat room.

"1 pwn n00bs w/ mi ub3 1337 h4x" proG bragged to the rest of the room. It was so confusing, it made no sense.

"Hello, my friends, we are interested in a nice conversation if you don't mind." We typed into the chat log. We sat waiting for a reply.

"lols, n00b, pnw3d, r0XX0r, lol" proG responded to our request. Confused we told the waiter to fetch us some drinks while we continued to study the fascinating language that the internet was teaching us. Within a couple hours we were n00bs no more.

"1 pnw3d ur f4c3 w/ mi ub3r h4wtn3ss" I typed into the console. I lol'ed and so did my companions. We turned and congratulated each other, as we had just pwn3d our first n00b.