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Only a Scizophrenic or a genius can answer these two questions



I answered both correctly and and a bonus question tells me I have a high IQ.

Is anybody seeing the same thing as I am seeing on the first two questions because it is really obvious to me and apparently I need help and I am genius and better than you.


Roll me up and smoke me when I die.
They lost me with convex but I think I'm a completely healthy person, even if I'm not. I'm not keen on the illusion.

It says I've found a happy medium between happiness and intelligence. It's more like I'm trying to find a happy medium between happiness and stupidity, though.

Jane Deere

CEO at Janer's Garage
I'm a happy genius, I guess.

I just feel that I'm overly critical when I look at things and big crowds give me anxiety... But I need my select few friends in life. Soooo I'm not sure what that makes me, but if you ask me I'm pretty sure I'm on board the hot mess express.


So I guess I am a genius with a high IQ. :meh:

I immediately saw the duality of the rotating mask, but I would chalk it up to having good spatial intelligence, not any broad definition of genius. It also sounded like a trick question.

For the first question about population density my answer really was "Yes I could live (survive) in a heavily populated part of a big city, but I sure would not want to." The second question is really about being extroverted or introverted. Extroverts get their energy from interacting with others. Introverts get their energy from reflecting on their thoughts, memories, and feelings.

I knew the answer about population density before the two questions were even asked. People who live in big cities are NOT more intelligent. In fact, they are the dumbest drivers anywhere! The pedestrians are not very bright either. They constantly walk out in front of moving vehicles. You can tell who the tourist are because the tourists have the sense to wait until the traffic passes or stops at a red light. The population density study was seriously flawed.
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Gimmie Pwnies
The answer is obviously neither because, as a video, the image is just a sequence of images presented one after another. There is no rotation, just the illusion of movement.
Obviously I'm the smarterest of them all.
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I once ate broccoli
If it's convex on one side it must be concave on the other side since it's not a solid ("filled")object like a complete head but just a slice ("peel") of it. It must rotate in a direction, right or left doesn't really matter, because if not, it must fold on itself to turn the illusion into reality.
This test is bullshit.
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