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Bitch Bucket

Cap'n Carnage
I sat through that entire movie in hopes to watch a couple of dumbshits get tortured and eaten alive by sharks. There was hardly any torture and neither of them were eaten ALIVE by sharks. Pisses me off. There were naked boobs though. :thumbsup:


Yeah. I just saw this movie last night. When it ended I was fucking speechless and sat in my seat for like 5 minutes. Then I stood up and shouted, "WHAT THE FUCK?!" The movie fucking blows. It's filmed in amatuer cameras. And there is absolutley NO fucking scaryness to it. The part where the dude DOES get bit, it's all dark out, so you can't see shit. If you want to continue to read my rant, but beware. Spoiler ahead.
So teh dude dies eventually from his shark bites. Then the girl decides, "meh, what the hell" and she drowns her self. Then it ends. The movie is total crap. PERIOD.