Headlines Optimism in middle east


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It´s interesting that soon after the death of Arafat, things seem to be heading in a better direction. Now, this was not a subtle stab at Arafat or anything like that. I just wonder if with this ages-old war moving through yet another generation of Israelis and Palestinians if maybe they are starting to get to that point where they wondered what they were really fighting for in the first place. Maybe their finally getting sick of it all.

On a slight tangent, my friend has some interesting theories regarding Revelations, the apocalypse and all that nonsense. He said to me at the end of last year, "You know that there is supposed to be 7 years of rapture before the end of the world? And also that the Mayan calendar mysteriously ends on the Winter Solstice of the year 2012? I´m telling you, if Israel and Palestine suddenly make peace next year, you know we´re all fucked." Just thought I´d throw that out there too.


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Yeah but Skitch.... gotta remember it used to be that the dates in your computer mysteriously got all funky after the year 2000 ;) Maybe the Myans just got lazy and figured they'd get to it later.

I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Israel and Palestine do this dance quite a bit. They get all BraveHeart on each other and then settle down and act like they respect each other. Then someone gets upset, blows himself up or shoots a little kid and the whole thing comes tumbling down all over again?

How many peace accords have those two signed in the last 15 years?

The only reason I'm hopeful this one might actually mean something is Arafat's gone.