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ouch in mini....


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so I went to busch gardens cuz I live in VA and was bored.. Took the whole family, for those not familiar the whole park is split up into different areas themed into different countries.. England, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Italy.... In the Ireland area we went to a show called "Auction at the castle" about a guy selling his families heirlooms cuz he was the last survivor of the family in america,, yada yada.. not the point...

so about 10 minutes into the show my son age 4 almost 5, cant see shit from the bench... so he sits on me at first but gets back into his seat and leans on me to see between the heads of the people in front of us... I had no problem.. love my kid and let em go... He slipped forward off the bench and kissed the bench in front of us.. hard.... also slammed down on his knee.. needless to say we had to leave the show cause he burst into tears..

His head was ok but his knee was bleeding a bit.. after calming him down and inspecting the damage we decided he was ok cause the bleeding was only a bit.. no more then i get from a shaving cut.

Later he jumps onto a wooden block surrounding some landscaping and falls and cuts the other knee...

then we took him to a kiddie water section to play for a bit... after we put only his shoes on.. figuring we'll wait till he dries a bit to put his socks on... we forget he's got just shoes on.. by the end of the day both his heels are rubbed raw from his shoes... so he was in total pain by the end of the ride home...

Feel bad for him.. so much injury in one day...


Something like that happened to me when I was about 6 or 7. I was in Florida walking out of Walgreens with my dad, and I trip and fall and cut my knee open on the sidewalk (it was bleeding a lot.) Then as I was walking into the store to get band-aids I fell and hit my head on a cart... That was fun...


Banned - What an Asshat!
When my oldest was potty training, he set his winker on the toilet because he was to short to reach it all the way and his butt always fell in those trainer toilets, but anyways, he had his baby winker sitting on the toilet rim, and SLAM! The toilet lid falls on his winker. He screamed and cried, and it hurt him for a few days. Then, later on in life, he bonzaied off the steps in his bike and went over the handlebars onto his head. Last year, he fell on a rock while fishing, then later on that day he fell on the same arm while riding his bike, and his arm was swollen. Then, the next morning I was dropping him off at my dads, and I look at his arm. It was thrice normal size. He had fractured it, but never cried about it. In fact, he thought it was very cool stuff. This summer, he was playing outside with our other kids. He was running and fell. He IMPALED his arm about a 1/2 inch inward on a stick. Stitches and hospital. It was nasty. The dr. stuck his finger IN the hole in my son's arm, but we were laughing about it. Then my son was flexing his muscles and making the HOLE in his arm "talk" He was pretty proud of himself.

That boy needs bubble wrap and a full set of armor, just to play!