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dustinzgirl said:
i think that humans, to navigate the unexplainable, need a foci for thier energy, or subconsious, for example, the oijja board, tarot cards, cross, bible, ect. It is a focus of our internal biological energy.

I find this to be one of the best things youve ever said, and i say this with only a background of maybe 3 or 4 days of reading posts around here lately. I think you can go even broader than that too. Not only to navigate the unexplainable, but to give meaning and understand what is unexplainable. I'm pretty sure much of the material of the bible is farfetched, but it helps people grasp certain fundamentals (where did we come from... other religious things i know little about) when there is an absence of explainations.


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I would not suggest trying to communicate with the dead.

For those who do not believe- If you don't believe the shit works, why would you do it in the first place?

For those who do believe- According to masters of wicca, boards like the ones described are magnets for evil and negative energy, it takes a lot of skill to tap into good powers. Why take the chance?

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i've had some interesting experiences in my life. not too many that are extremely horrifyingly weird... but then again i have so much more life left.
the first time i used a ouija board was when i was.. 7, maybe? i was at a friends for a birthday party and we all went into the basement and set this up. we first asked for a sign that a presence had been drawn to us, and that's when there was a powerouttage. like i said, nothing extreme, but coincidental. which can still be considered odd.
secondly, my experiences don't so much come from the ouija board.. but from me. i'm not wicca or anything like that though i'm fascinated with religion and unnatural practice such as magick and spells etc. although i had never done much experimenting with it because i know how dangerous it can be. but i decided to touch base on it just a little bit. i only used it in desperate situations, for the good of others, never to inflict negativity on others, or either to myself.
one issue at hand was my best friend who's mother was so broke, they were lucky if they ate. i basically made up a small phrase to repeat, and i also made up the ritual in which to perform. it took a lot of concentration and relaxation at the same time. but i eventually finished the spell when i felt it was necessary, and went to bed. a couple days later, my friend's mother began closely dating an extremely wealthy guy, and they were able to buy groceries again, along with many other essentials.
this is just one experience, i, along with many of you i'm sure, have had a lot of odd things happen to me. sometimes little things, sometimes a little more obviously bizarre. but i couldn't possibly get them all down for you.
maybe the unexplainable is an entity on it's own. or maybe it can and will eventually be fully explained by science. or maybe both..maybe science can explain where these other spiritual worlds are, whether it be heaven and hell or whatever's inbetween etc. i respect people who have a belief in something and stick to it. but i still think that people should at least let in the possibility that anything could happen, anything could be true. you can still have a general opinion/belief about something, but don't let that cloud the other possibilities completely.


16/f/ca!!!omg!!! shut up!!!! anything is possible, our reality only consists of what we have been told and what weve seen, think about platos cave


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Damn, I missed a decent debate over "hurrr"

The reason the ouiji board isn’t taken seriously is because if you look closely at the bottom/middle of the board, in bold letters it says "Parker Brothers". Anyways, Terrence McKenna was a brilliant philosopher; I believe I've saved a quote from one of his lectures on my comp,

"your science is going to shown up for what it is not some method theory at whose feet every point of view from astrology to acupuncture to channeling need be laid to have the hand of science announce 'thumbs up or thumbs down'."

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I understand the argument that says "If science doesn’t say so, then it can’t be true", I used to hold this opinion too, but lately I've been finding that there is WAY more to life than the physical laws we can actually experience. If you consider the development of our understanding of the world from the dawn of "mankind" to the present day, we have outgrown many ideas and many theories that were proven true "beyond reasonable experimentation" turned out to be laughable in a decade or two. Our children hear and chuckle at the claims of "wise men" from the middle ages. I think there is a lot more to this existence than we are currently experiencing.

I'm running out of pennies at this rate


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keep an open mind

now i know all you people keep getting up me for posting to late but i dont care this debate has not been concluded, nothing was gaind or lost in the situation. i noticed alot of people were posting saying you are a child grow up and sofourth but look at you judge as you wisheth to be judged! these things maybe impossible to explain but that doesnt mean that it should be immediately dissmissed at a first glance because of some lettering on the bottom that says parker bros you must look into it. and for those of you that say you dont beleive in it then tried it wouldntve been able to because the power of the phyckie (shurrup i cant speeell) is a very powerful thing and it wont allow itself to take in something you say is impossible. the other version or white light ver. is called the 'path finder' and is far safer because your mind will beleive that you are protected by the four directional spirits north, south, east and west you might not be but you think you are so you create these spirits to protect you i really dont know much more about the topic apart from telling you long and pointeless stories about my experiences with the path finde but i will spare you have a nice life

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I had a experience... i found it harilous...doubt its true... but here goes:

So... It was my friends birthday party...and we were outside in the dark..and we decided to make an ouija board ourselves....

My friend Kate made it because, she has made on before and it did work...
We were sitting on this bench and around the table...there was 4 of us.... Kate started telling us this story of how she once contacted Kurt Cobain... and how he 'hated her' and he was always 'bugging him' so... (yeah good one Kate just bug him so more) decided she wanted to contact him again.

She said 'Is anybody there' and it trailed over to 'yes'
We all started questioning each other at the point, wandering who was moving it.

Then she started asking if he remembered her and he answered yes.
A few minutes later... he started writing out her name... and then he started saying how he wanted to be left alone....
Then we asked him to show us a sign..blow out the candles.... and well...he did... everybody pissing themselves at this point...and everyone asking who blow it out etc...

Then he blew out both candles and told Kate he hated her... and then we decided to stop! lol... i thought this was all very funny :p

Edit: didnt even look at the date -.-

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I saw a show on showtime about John Edward and he gets his audience to bring a family tree with them. They also get interviewed about their family members that have died.