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Over zealous god fearers suck


Fresh Meat
I hate those people who are like "god is going to remember all the good deeds i have done" and try to impose every aspect of their belief on you. Its like if you don't beilive what they do to the letter, you are a sinner with a ticket to hell...Non returnable. Then they get pissed when you tell the what you belive. The worst was, i told a devout christain aquantance that i do not belive in god. She blew up at me about how I was imposing my belife on her. The truth of the matter is i do not belive and god but i am not saying that those who do are wrong. Nor am i saying that you shouldn't either.

Those people just SUCK. I'm all for people being faithful to thier religion but when people get so warped to the point of considering themselves perfect, then they need to suck thier own dicks. See how god feels about that'


Serial Killer
Yes, people like that can get pretty annoying sometimes. But you need to understand that some people are so obsesed with their belief because of their own insecurities, and you shouldn't get angry just because they want to have beliefs in their life and have an explanation of why they are on earth in the first place. Moreover, Christians can get so wrapped up in what the Bible says and what their beliefs say that they think that they MUST live their lives perfect, and others should do the same.

As a Christian, I believe that these type of people are just trying to live their lives the beset that they can, or they're just crazy. :D


I'm just really nice.
I think they're funny. :happysad:

Especially when you blow up at them, and start yelling that Allah's gonna show them who's boss.