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Painfull deaths


Formally Cuddles
Painfull death

If you get sick easily, I would not click this link below. This is one hell of a painfull death.

Edited: For the following reason. If I allow this link to stay, then other assholes will post something along the simialure lines only worse. Also that is someone loved one. I bet if that was someone you knew. You would not be laughing?



im such a wuss lol, too scared to look, i clicked the link then kind of covered up the screen lol

the most disgusting thing i have ever seen is a dead baby on a morgue table with its ribs opened up, on rotten dot com, just made me absolutely , well there are no words. a numbing, sickening, feeling of awfulness, dread. i dont understand how countless (mostly) teenage blokes go on rotten dot com and laugh there asses off at people that have died in awful ways, it makes me sick, we have no idea how that shit affects us, its best just to not look at that crap.