Hi is enough for me to open up my chest and let you see every pulsation of that sweet red vital organ.
Hi is enough for me to tell you my life story, as if you weren't just trying to ask my astrological sign or what my tattoos mean.
I feel too hard, too soon,
A blessing and a curse.
I give all of myself to everyone I feel I connect with.
Sometimes they tie one of my loose ends to theirs
And make a beautiful intertwining loop
Knot securely fastened
As if by a seasoned sailor on rough seas.
Sometimes, they snip the line
Right by the fastener,
Closer to my side than theirs,
And watch as it drops
Uselessly to the floor
As they catch their own side
Ready to tie on with someone else
Who doesn't love so hard.
I wear my heart on my sleeve then cut all of my shirts into tank tops.
What use are sleeves by themselves?
Just scraps,
Tossed into the corner with the lint collecting felt pieces,
Thrown into the "creative reuse" bin,
Where they'll sit for years
Before someone finds them
Good enough for
Dust rags.
I'm all in
In a world that's all out
Because there's a line of "next up."
I'm all or nothing
In a land of "give me something."
Because I'd catch the falling sun
And let it immolate me entirely
Consume my body feet to head
Before I ever stop
Throwing my heart off a cliff
And swan diving after it
With the hope
Of one who loves, and loves...
And loves
What pavement tastes like.

--This was the second poem I read aloud at the Pittsburgh Poetry Slam. It was well received, and I about burst out crying at the end but managed to hold myself together.


This is so powerful and original and beautiful. And I admire the courage you had to read your poetry and allow yourself to be so vulnerable in front of others -- I don't know that I ever could.