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.pdf file that won't open

First things first... system info -

Windows Xp Professional, Intel Pentium III processor, 863 mhz, 256mb or ram

Anyway - back to the problem...

I have downloaded a .pdf file from the internet (from a reliable source). Whenever my computer tries to open this document (in Microsoft FrontPage) all I get is odd characters that I can't read - and therefore whole document makes no sence. I have tried opening the doc. in html format, text format, in Microsoft word, in wordpad, in notepad, and about every other way I can. Why isn't it working? What can I do to make it work?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this is really starting to piss me off (it's an important document that I MUST read!) :happysad: !


I actually recommended that in the software thread, I guess it slipped my mind earlier.