Discuss Peace deal - Nobel Peace Prize


Accept no substitutes!
Why is the left news either ignoring or putting down the win that the Trump Administration just had? (Gee, I wonder why!?) When Jimmy Carter got Anwar Sadat, and Menachim Begin to the table to reach an agreement in 1978, the world gasped in awe that the President had made such significant progress.

Now, I hear the usual pundits whining about "convenient timing" and the election politics of the deal. The cynicism and sarcasm flow freely for this administration...

Yeah, sure. Trump and his team ordered the UAE to make a treaty with Israel...yep. Must have been collusion with someone or something. When Obama oversaw the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and did NOTHING during the Arab Spring, he was lauded as a diplomatic genius. When Benghazi happened on his watch, Clinton took the heat for her incompetence, and we were told, "What does it matter?" Years after the eight-year debacle called the Obama Administration, and we're still dealing with emboldened terror organizations. ISIS and Islamic Jihad, as well as the old players Hezbollah (funded by Obama's nuke deal), and the hiding-but-still-active PLO were operating freely until this administration started fighting back. Now, the Left is outraged because Trump was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize? Obama got one for winning the election and being black? He hadn't done a thing yet - But HE was worthy. Of course, he was...

The Left is scared. The talking heads talk about the opposition's political agenda while their "news" machine pushes the narrative that the Left wants them to push. They know that if the economy holds and Trump shows a few significant wins like this one, their potato-head candidate, Biden, is finished. The Dems keep blocking the next stimulus check because they know it will support Trump's economic gains. They don't care if anyone needs it. They would rather that we, the serfs, lose everything in a financial crash to make one man look bad. Now, he shows he has diplomatic skills, and they discount it as politics and bs.

...but there's no media bias... But, but, but Orange Man bad!!! ...Potato head good!!!

There's no changing a true believer's mind. I give up in that department. I don't particularly like Trump, but honestly, my life is better off with him in office than when Obama ran the show.