People Suck


There's a very good chance that I don't care.
You said that the catholics should ban LGBT from the parade, and that LGBT supporters are just as "bigoted" as child rapists.

I'm convinced you are just trolling.
Words mean things. Combining certain words into sentences mean things. Do you have a problem with the truth because you don't seem real keen on speaking it.
1) I most certainly did NOT say Catholics should ban LGBT. I said they can ban LGBT because the Catholics are the ones footing the bill and you do not have a natural right to parade. Thus far, being truthful and reading comprehension aren't your strong suits.
2) I most certainly did NOT say "LGBT supporters are just as bigoted as child rapists". What I said was YOU are a bigot against other groups just as you claim the Catholics are bigots against the LGBT. This is a statement of fact. The word bigot isn't a gas gauge or a spectrum. There is no such thing as more bigoted. You either are...or you are not. You fit the criteria required to deem yourself bigoted against certain groups. That by definition classifies you as a bigot. As I've said numerous times you don't get to redefine the term relative to your specific ideology. Why not just admit you're a bigot and move on? There is no victory to be had here and lying and creating straw men isn't helping your cause.


A thread with the same name is what lured me to join in 2004. Two former forum members were trying to out tard each other, which I found funny at the time and I've been stuck here ever since. As far as the rest of this thread goes, tldr.


The Original Fuck You Bomb
We all here can relate about bigotry, because we have been surrounded by it our entire life,
but also a bigot is someone who refuses to accept the possibility that their
particular opinions are the outcomes of flawed logic.
I think that is the case with most sentience's,
we see our view of things (Perspective) to be the best way, and for whatever reason we try to instruct others on how it should be done, thus creating the opinion of flawed logic which leads to a superiority complex, and that equals bigotry,

There is always going to be intolerance of ones anything, there is always going to be that asshole that has to disagree with what you say and do,
for whatever reason,
I feel the best way is solve most of these issues is understand that everyone's going to have a different opinion and ideals,
even if you don't accept them,
Even when your surrounded by the idiots that don't see things yer way, just shut your mouth and roll with the flow, maybe go find others that believe the way you do, and have a happy fuckin life if you can.