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People That Suck....LMAO


k, how bout u just tell ppl to go to the bottom of the screen and go to "toons" then they can watch them all.


Hella Constipated
Listen...Foamy is good the first few times you watch it, but after that, it's not really that funny anymore. Why? Because there is never any innovation in the new characters, ideas, etc.

At least "Pube Muppet" has staying power, because the best authors always make new characters, phrases, plot lines, etc.
oookay...I thought I'd give you the benifit of the doubt and I actually went and watched your "Pube Muppet". yeah....that's hillarious....wayyyyy better than Foamy. :rolleyes: It's hillarious, if you happen to be a pre-pubescent 11 year old sitting at home fondling an empty sac cause your nuts haven't dropped yet wondering just what it would be like to have a girl kiss you. That pube muppet shit had to be the lamest thing I have ever seen..aside from maybe your post. The animation looked like it was done by Helen Keller, the lines were moronic..the thing sucks. I pity you, I really do. You're lame. Go home, study up, try again.