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Music People think my genius is their meal ticket.


I'll try to make this brief.

So I produce beats for rappers. I haven't had any of my equipment with me lately so I decided to splurge and take some of my stuff to a professional music studio.

First of all, when I get there he asks me if his henchman could record us and get footage of the session, to which I complied because, hell, why not. The first beat we worked on, I made from scratch so I had the producer at the studio (Z) mix the levels and master it. Then we switched around a couple things on another song and completed that. The third song I wanted to work with him on, I only had the sample. And its a sample I spent a ridiculous amount of time on making just perfect, but due to being a sample, it needs to be cleared in ordwer for me to truly call the song my own and possibly make money off it.

So it's basically an acapella from the last bridge in Breezeblocks by Alt-J.

I love you so
I love you so
Please don't go
I'll eat you whole

So like I said, I took this sample to the producer and he proceeded to line up the beats/BPM and start putting effects on it and drums. Song sounds great.

Before he even masters it, or even exports an unmastered raw version for me, this motherfucker puts his watermark on it. (It's an annoying, obnoxious tagline producers have to mark their brand. In this case, it was at the beginning of the fucking song and said "Z MADE IT...")

Since he technically made the drums and stuff ( I actually dictated what exactly I wanted over the sample in no unclear terms) I offered to share ownership of the beat 50/50.

He thought about it but then he assured me that this was MY song. I was merely using his equipment. Okay.

So I ask him to take the tag off. All hell breaks loose.

He wants that fucking tag on there because HE KNOWS how fucking good this song is going to be. He thinks its his ticket to fame. He evn asked me if HE could use the beat to rap over it.

Anyway. I took the fucking tag off along with the intro and uploaded the rough copy to bandcamp. Fuck him. As far as I'm concerned, he's pulling a DJ Khaled or Lil Jon and totally ruining an otherwise good song because of his ego.

Would I be in legal trouble if I go through with this and blatantly remove his tag for he and all to see (hear)?


Some details:

He assured me it was MY song and I alone had the rights to it. but pleaded that I keep his tag on it. I said no, and I said I think it takes away from the aesthetic of the song. He starts freaking out on me. I give in, but then the first thing I did when I got home is took out the intro with tag.

Here is song in question:
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With a thread title like this, how the fuck is this not a JLXC thread?
TBH, I first thought it was going to be a JLXC mocking thread in T&H, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it was in Entertainment Avenue.

More on point. I wouldn't feel bad dropping the guy's intro. Seems like a request for a collaboration credit would have been more in line with the services.
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I made beats and produced rap/hiphop for 10 years ish. Started back in the SoundClick days. I understand what you mean. I have always been over protective of my music and there is a good reason. If I'm correct, there wasn't any stealing or anything, but a good example of how seemingly little it may be and it go along way, the Panda song by Desiigner. I think that Menace got paid a few hundy for Desiigner to turn it into a chart topper. FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKK that.

I think the best thing he got out of this deal is verified on IG. Hes only got 10k followers. He clearly doesn't have much clout after that. I'm sure you could blame him and his ambition. But you would think someone like Desiigner might work hard to pay some respect back to ol boy to hive him the grand life...or just something "more" period.

Anyway, fuck that dude glad you got outta there without anything else happening or losing a copy to him or whatever.


I know the thread title sounds ridiculously conceited, but modesty is for losers tbh.

I decided it was perfectly within the realm of sensibility to do away with the intro that he had soiled with his tag. Why? Because, even as he himself admitted, the song really belongs to neither of us until the sample we used is cleared. And even then its just a matter of, "Are we making money off this sample?"

$500 is cheap, if you ask me. If you were a rapper and came up with something good for this particular beat, one would think you would be willing to pay $500 for full rights to a song that could potentially change your destiny. That's how I feel about this song. I have other good beats, but this one touches all who hear it on a deep level, and it doesn't even have lyrics yet. (Besides the sample itself.)

I guess I have some homework to do on clearing samples. I really want to get serious about this shit and find others with a similar level of ambition. (But creative/intellectual honesty as well.)

It's not that I'm that protective of my beats (99% of my tracks on soundcloud are downloadable) because, in reality, I've had the mentality of plurality being a good thing in terms of being prolific, putting out finished collabs as a producer and gaining clout within the scene.

It's getting to that turning point. I feel like the chosen one, in terms of disparity of success (e.g. Pareto principle) and could potentially have music pay my bills and live comfortably. That's the very least I will settle for. A lot of these local guys I thought were serious but turned out to be clowns masquerading as musicians and poets. Makes me sick. Nobody fucking showed up for that recording session. Fuck em. They would sprint across town for drugs or pussy, but can't even show up to a studio session they agreed to go to.

What to do when you're surrounded by people with no ambition?


What to do when you're surrounded by people with no ambition?

Get some new people man. The track you linked is fun, keep up the good work and get rich and famous. The world needs creativity and maybe you can profit from it.


Thank you for the words of encouragement. I'm going through a bit of a rough patch - actually, fuck - the latter part of my entire life has been a rough patch. But I am feeling out my destiny by refining my craft and learning to discern with the eyes of a hawk and the determination of the water buffalo.


I totally lied about rap all being crap. Like Tupac was my guy when I was 8.. but ain't no more pac man.