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Perceptions on Reflections

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<b>Banned - What an Asshat!</b>
On earth, there are four tribes. One group is melancholic, they are the gate. Another is the rain and the warmth of the sunshine. The third group are social animals. Always conversing and interjecting. They reverberate their souls for our spirits. The final group are here for eternity, and represent the burning sun, and the dry desert landscape. These groups are us, in a metaphorical sense.

They are harmonious. Or at least most of us are, the beautiful ones and the ones who share the enlightened consciousness. We have Justice, the judgement and might of heirarchy and order. Sometimes, we all reach a higher purpose in life such as love, another facet of our existence. We have understanding of these connections leading to eventual divine wisdom, where we receive the crown of Spirit, only to return to earth to experience the oneness of existence. We are all one.