From appaled to applauding, controversy.
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A little backstory.

I’ve been going out with this group of friends like every week. Was introduced to this girl who is just insanely hot. She has a boyfriend who comes out with us sometimes, and has blatantly flirted with me in front of him. Recently inducted into the circle, and hesitant to be the source of any drama, I kept my mouth shut for a while. Finally, she hit me up asking what I was doing tonight, so I kept that momentum going. Her boyfriend already hates me. And I don’t really like him. So.

Also: Facebook status says Single. Fucks that about?

Also: I know her bf is playing the field. But I won’t bring that up because I’m not a little bitch.probably aiitle late to jump on the bad wagon. All I can say is inferring with another chich will stir up shit. If you're prepped to receive the backlash then all the power to you. If not, expect a bloody nose, and by the sounds of it, be prepared. Good luck dude. Fishing in another man's pond always give the most "exciting" bite. Enjoy.
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