Angel of Death
Since all you male and females have your little list to go by us Angels. Need ours.


1. You can learn to do things with out being on your cell phone 24/7. I promise you it will be alright. Deal get over it. Its a CELL PHONE... your not cool cause you have one.

2. Saturdays and Sundays Are races days. The rest of the week is used for reviewing the race. Get use to it or buy your own TV. In that case I can watch the 2 races at the same time. So DEAL.

3. Shopping, just because I am in a chick in the sci -fi section does not give you the right to stare drool or try to act like you know something. Also I know what I want when in a part store, so back off. Oh and I can probably kick your ass in whatever video game your trying to explain to me. So SHUT UP.

4. Don't worry about me blackmailing you, I can even in others ways.

5. Maybe is not a fucking answer. Give me a straight up, straight down the middle answer or shut the fuck up and deal with the way i like it.

6. Don't try to solve any problems for me, more then likely it will take you twice as long. I got it under control

7. I don't care what you seen in a porno flick...I'm not doing it.

9.Any comments made that I disagreed with will be held against you for life. Its an Angel law. Get use to and remember to not say shit that pisses me off.

10.If you act like a soap opera guy, I am going to let a prison inmate dressed like a Victoria Secret models beat the shit out of you while I laugh.

11. My weight is not a topic of conversation. End of subject.

12. Most of the time you are wrong. if the slight chance that I am wrong, shut up walk away and pretend I am right.

13. If you are unwilling to get off your fat cheese puff eating ass and help me clean up the disquieting vile pit of a house, learn to face the ANGEL WRATH.

14. Whenever possible, please notice that I do have face and my eyes are not on my tits.

15. Christopher Columbus wasn't trying to discovered America, he was searching for India... he got lost. You get the picture, that’s why I drive.

16. You will most defiantly will be interested in the colors of my panties, my car... just remember don't touch. :) BTW... A Honda does not classify as a REAL real car... sorry to break it to ya and Golf is not a sport.

17. I will kick you in the balls if you hit, touch or even scratch on a sanative area. So your choice either let me bitch at you, or feel pain for a couple of days.

18. If you can not tell if something is wrong or not...Then leave me the fuck alone, its probably your fault.

19. If I ask a question and the answer is something I don't want to hear... make it something I want to hear.

20. When we are going somewhere remember you ride bitch.

21. Don't ask me what I am thinking unless you are prepared to keep up with facts ranging, from sex, cars, racing, tools, guns, money, politics, history, poetry, comics, music, world culture, current events, nature, space, technology, video games... yes I am not so simple to limit myself to shopping bags and sports.

22. I don't care Really

23. oh your still talking and I still don't care

24. Don't like how I look, then quit humping my leg.

25. Don't touch my tools, go find your own....

26. You know I look hot in just my heels, so quit bitching about them. You sound like a little girl on the rag for 3 weeks

27. Thank you for reading this. Yes, I know breathe and take it all in... breathe and just relax you will one day learn all the Angel rules.



Kit, you sound like an inflatable -suck my dick- doll, that got a knife in her plastic belly... :sword:


Angel of Death
RedOctober said:

Kit, you sound like an inflatable -suck my dick- doll, that got a knife in her plastic belly... :sword:

Does this look like B&T