phone etiquette


Was machen Sie?
so ok. i get this all the fuckin time and i don't know why?!!!! and i wanna know if anyone else goes through this too cause it drives me insane. i get these people who were at one time friends/associates of mine who will call me after NOT speaking nor seeing me for over aaaaaaah what's a good number? FIVE or more years acting like it was yesterday that we last "knew" eachother.

like for instance,
one girl i grew up with called me to invite me to her fucking wedding no less! damnit to hell, of course i went bc if i didn't i would've felt guilty. we were almost bf's if you can call it that.

or when i left a job,
this one dude who had a crush on me for the entire 5 years i worked there decided to look me up one day and tell me.

an old gf from HS (& i haven't been in HS for quite some time now...),
calls me and lets me know, that guy she was seeing...we they finally broke up and now we can talk/hang out as much as we want. AFTER HOW LONG????

another dude i used to work with back in HS,
calls me, hey what'dya up to? etc.

wtf is going on? this shit happens all the friggin time. do i not change my phone # often enough or what? am i being petty and instead should be thankful people think of me after all that time or is this improper phone etiquette? cause yah know, people do change. they grow apart. life moves on & all.

i do not grasp how people can bring themselves to calling you after not having had any contact (& for no specific dilemna in their/my life...) for so many years and expecting me to #1 remember them #2 act like we used to #3 even like them after all that time. I, for one, couldn't do it!

Ah, tanks for listening!



wow long speech but yea that happens sumtimes here you know wut u do you be like who is this no wrong number and there u go problem solved unless u run into them sum where