Picture of Poem 4


Angel of Death
A soul shines through an angel's perfect morn,
to grace such darkness of ever loving beauty.
Bring about a sorrowful grace of longing
and a peaceful escape from agony.
Oh, how splendid nights do triumph
and mortals do run through life
eyes closed, but ever looking and searching
Chasing time so fleeting
only to stop and breathe such events
these moments that never last
but can be forever captured.


Rainbow smiles and butterfly gazes
amazed by the glow of the burning sky.
Fading in and back out of focus,
ever the wondring stare as they sigh.

All wishes and dreams in rapid decline
day pierces through the cracks in lid eyes.
Vertigo falling in spinning denial
waning the dreamscape and perfect designs.

Renewal distorting a vacant perception
a standing reception as words linger on
The touch and the wonder, furfilment furfilling
the thrilling desire to do what was done.