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The World After.


Angel of Death
The world after

The world after what;
After I have left it?
And the walls of my home
become empty and dust filled.
Where you can trace and track and prod through it.
Wondering who use to live here and why now
is it so sadden in to this.
But I shall remember a time
Once, Long ago in a world before this one…
Where people use to knock to enter these walls.
Lover’s Gentle moans echoed quietly in the moonlight
that peered through the window.
As it greeted their first creation of life
and held its first cries of wonder.
Once…. It was beautiful.
with solid oak floors that would catch
children footsteps and gleaming lights
and held warm fires, soft song of a mothers voice
That faded to a whisper of an old lady; a grandmother
standing next to her husband, a little bit weaker, but still full of pride.
And soon this place, this world grew to become quite and still
Until one day no voice nor breath stirred with in its walls
and suddenly it realized it’s doors had closed
to the world after all.


A world after.

In a darkend room,life;without a trace.
Emotionally wounded,no longer able to gaze upon your face.
My reason for escapes me.
The silence screams to me,all the times I chose to be alone.
Gazing through a window.
A reminder of a life thats dark and cold.
I am the simple reason,for all the times without your embrace.
A world after you has been chosen.
Can you see the look of a fool upon this face?
As I search for reason.
There is none,I except this as my fate.
Your warmth has been frozen.
Dark and cold is all that is owned in this place.
Dizzy,from this life I've chosen.
I hit the floor,with the weight of years of pain.
Im reminded,you're never coming home.
I shall miss the light and warmth of your face.
The world after,dark and cold is my claim to fame.

Eh...Its all I've got....for now.


Light shatters across the chipped remains
of futures suddenly erased.
Come follow me into the rain of broken dreams,
of hurt and sorrow.
A deer it scatters as we crumble,
we break the day into the night.
A witness to the wasted life,
a cancerous vessel to a hopefull soul.

Our torch shines bright into the clouds,
we walk among the neverlight.
The dust it flows as forth we scuddle,
a velvet blanket, under darkened sky.
The wind it sighs as we push forward
kneedeep in the poisoned soot.
Ashes crawl as we move slowly
making our way through ticker-tape.

We leave this waste we once called home
now comatose in passive waiting.
To saver havens and brighter mornings
growing hopes and no regrets.
Glowing lights all born from rupture
shine across the jagged edge.
The radiation here will linger,
it sickens life and cripples dawn.

I stand asif inside a nightmare
a ruine that was once my life.
The tortured roads and mangled buildings
paint stripped cars and windows shard.
My suit is torn, my eyes they water,
my breath it burns, my lungs on fire.
My heart it pounds, the beats go faster
As here my life will end it's line.

(The picture is taken in Tsjernobyl. The deserted town looks like a cross between a warzone and Pompeiji. Rust and dust cover everything, and the dust, like in Iraq, is very high on radiation. The picture is taken in one of the houses near the nuclear plant, children's shoes and a doll lie in the window opening, waiting for life to return. You can follow the picture's address to read the entire journal of a woman that goes there on her motorbike. You will notice animals still live there, as walking radiation bombs. Also some locals remain, eating crops from the poisoned farmland.)


Banned - What an Asshat!
You guys all did an awesome job with this one that I am finding myself at a loss to post something. Great job guys!