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_Kitana_ said:
since i won't be here

the new art work can get pick by gf
My turn,my turn...Try this one on for a while.
I'll slap a few lines out,and do meh bestest to wow ya's.


My weary eye's close slowly.
I cant believe it's time.
Darkness comes to own me.
If my vision serves me right.
The Dark Angel appears.
My body grips with fear.

My death is near...
I'm no longer afraid.
I can feel the flames.

In this night death comes to me.
I'll never miss a life so feeble.
It is time for death to rescue me.
Imagine this,we know so little.
We know so little...

Free from mind,death sets me free.
One last kiss,for deaths eternal.
There is no light,darkness is clear to see.
I can't resist,for it's so simple.
We know so little...

Sorry for the dark shit. Enjoy. :D :thumbsup:


So I was happily typing away, when suddenly my computer crashed! Lost a nearly done poem! So I turn my comp back on...and my D: is missing :confused:
So I just gave up on my comp and started over...


Peering through a curtain of everlasting mysts
Piercing through the veils of neverending
Silence takes control as whispers start to fade
Darkness all around as I grow colder.

Clinging to a shadow of what I used to be
Clutching to a life that´s not worth living
Doubt takes control as my will is growing ill
Life starts skipping beats as I grow older.

A touch so light for such a sight, a terrifying grin
A gaze that peers through skin and bone, searching for a sin
The balance veers from left to right to were the soul will end
in underworld or afterworld forever it will spend


Angel of Death
I have come to seek my time from you,
Lord of Death, Keeper of all life.
To shatter my binds from heaven and hell
to see with unblinded eyes
what lies beyond.
Let my mortal lips
befall upon angels' skin
and pluck a feather from their scare wings.
As my cruel reasoning takes control
pressing my body against demon's flesh,
to make a darken love of infected beauty.
For I have met you,
Lord of Death....Upon the battle field
and faced the face of terror
Your FACE.... with a Goddess’ grace.
So I shall danced free of sorrow,
and life’s most beautiful emotions
upon the whiten snow of bloodshed tears.
May this be my last descend upon this earth,
to finally shake the hand of death
with wielding blades and greet the end of time.


Beautifully written Kit. Outside of the original Writers Block crew,me you D,and a few others,I never realized there were people here who could think beyond the "12ish". For instance;blah,he has talent. If im playing the game correctly,I believe I'll let him pick the next picture.

Bravo kids,bravo.


I like compliments so much better :)
I'm usually stuck in the box, I just break out every now and again. On the other forums I used to write there was lots of feedback, mostly flames, but also great building critizism, so I learned a few things there. I do believe however that you need a certain feeling to really be able to make great stuff.
I'll try picking a pic that will be a poem in itself, if I can find one... Otherwise it will be just an average pic, either way it will be fine :)

Oops, edit :

Nice poem there Kit. Death seems rather dark though, but that's a matter of opinion. I see death as a two-faced being. The wicked see the guy on the picture, the good see something more beautiful. I tried hinting at it with "a touch so light, for such a sight" Dare I say ? A bullet with butterfly wings... ;)


Banned - What an Asshat!
It is always winter when Death arrives,
It is always raining when you bury your love,
And always cold when you kiss their lips goodbye.
The smiles of remembering one long passed on,
The tears of the emptiness they leave behind,
And the last voice you hear is not always painless.
Death does not care for your tears nor your pity.
He breathes in the life, and lets out the dark.
I worshipped him and fell at his feet in piety.
I begged of him not to take you so soon, so carelessly.
My tears fell unheeded and my cries only whispers against steel.
I heard the voices of the gods who once protected me.
Was my sin so great that I deserved more than death
Did I not beg for forgiveness and return that which I had taken?
But still they called for vengeance, for the gods do not know forgiveness.
They demanded your blood in my stead, and I hid from them
Because I was afraid of the wrath I should face.
Now I live beyond deaths reach, and the pain of my life
Is more than the pain I would have faced.


Thats funny...I dont remember starting this thread.
I'm gonna guess Kit's lurking around here somewhere.....