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Pinky + 45° Angle= Oh Shit....

It happened last year playing a tackle football game on Thanksgiving with some guys from work. I reached out to tackle this kid but got all shirt. I yanked real hard with my left hand and brought him down. After the play I felt a little pain so I looked down at my hand to see my pinky pointing to the left about halfway up the finger at the knuckle. I dislocated it. Without even thinking I just took it and and snapped back to the right. It looked so weird, like not real. The skin was like bent and loose.

I asked my friend for some athletic tape. Taped it up and kept playing. For the next few weeks it really hurt so I just kept it taped, especially when I went to work.
Sucks though, I should have went to a doctor cause now it curves to the right. Did I snap it back to far to the right. IDK? It still hurts once in a while when I lift something heavy so I check on it after I do.

First one is the bad one. Second is the good one or what it should look like.


i would go see the doc before it damages u anymore, they will just rebreak it and put it the way its suppose to be with a splint. GO NOW!


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if ur dick has a nail on it and not the ones used in BDSM then i dunno :confused:
Hmm, I see it. The pic's a bit out of focus, so that nail could easily be mistaken for the head. Just kinda looks like the doctor left a bit of a "chin strap."

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That happened with one of my fingers. I was chasing a cat (as you do) and went down on all fours landing on my finger and it just went out to the side and got dislocated


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i did the same playin foot ball but the tip of my finger was at a 90degree angle w/ my ring finger :thumbsup: ..........i just snaped it back into place :thumbsup:


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erect dick, haha!

my right pinky is like that too. i was at University of Utah, they had this inflated sliding balloon thingy, about 20 fts tall....unfortunately, i didnt slide, just came down to the floor real hard with my wide open fingers, unluckly my pinky just went straight....almost threwup from pain....