Headlines Pirate Act



i'm sick of this shit, i wont denied it and i'm not afraid to say neither... I DOWNLOAD MP3,ISO,BINZ,ETC..

1. i dont profit from my downloads.
2. i know is wrong, but i refuse to pay those ridiculous price on cd's and some other products.
3.i pay 50 dollars month for my internet(optonline), what they expect me to use it for ? email and chat and companies lovable word "BUY", fuck no, i use my connection to download old music,old games,play heavy online games, pay my bills,more downloading.. if want to save 50 dollar than i would go back to my $10 month dial up..
4. copyright, so ? just MONEY a piece of paper is colored in green and has dead president on it. we wont see ever ever again, and people are willing to:
A. sale there kidney so they are able to pay for there next meal(indian,poor country)
B. rob,kill, the old lady for her 20 dollar.
C. greedy people, back stab other greedy people so they could be on top.

and you call the good life because you are able to go on vacation,drive a new benz(whatever you car taste) or buy the big ass house, you know the you problably wont explorer. just to have it so you could brag like the money lover the you are. wait.. dont forget the 52 inch plasma tv, etc.....

little by little i see my so called freedom being stripped way, by major companies and greedy asshole...

yah problably going to say "i dont give fuck" or"i dont care" typical respond..

:argue: let the flaming begin!

thank you for reading :mfinger: