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pissed at girl friend!

How pissed are you at your girlfriend?

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  • Boiling over

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  • So hot your face is melting

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  • or Chernobyl

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pissed as all hell
My girlfriend bitches and moans at me all day about her roomate and how much she hates her family and blah blah blah. So I tell her that i'm going to play a few games tonight with my friend to vent b/c i'm pissed to begin with. I say bye, since we are on the phone, and she gets a toan with me and says bye one and hangs up!!!! I let her vent at me and thats how i'm repaid ARGH!!!! Women get off your period, permanently PLEASE for the sake of mankind!!!!


Banned - What an Asshat!
my gf rules, thats why I'm going out with her.. mwahaha don't date someone if you don't like them or are constantly pissed at them


Flame Bait
all women bitch constantly, the trick is to get as far from them when they start. they bitch because they are ruled by hormones so if you want her to quit bitching cut out her caffeine, slip some Rohypnol in her beer and then go play games. plus as an added bonus when she wakes up she'll be mega relaxed and won't notice if you fuck her in the mouth or ass. so its a win win situation - go for it and quit complaining. life's too short to spend it pissed off.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Life's also too short to pass up bumping old threads to give people who haven't visited this site in 2 years some great advice.

Bravo to you.