Pixie dust....

John Howle

Hot Girl on Girl Action
While I sit here thinking of you
I grow angry and sad

Its your fault this happend,
only one to blame is yourself

I still cant belive this happend,
NO, i wont, its not you,
please someone tell me its not true.

Now im walking where we first met,
i remember how your life was set,
working three different jobs,
for college.. learning on how to become a vet.

So now the years have passed..
Im standing over your grave.
I cant belive it,
Im in a daze

But i hope you knew
you could have changed the world
if only you had stayed away from the
temporary happiness, or as you put it
'pixie dust....


Any feed back will be appreciated..


Banned - What an Asshat!
This is what I like about this: It is simple, and shows the situation and emotion.
What i dont like about it is that it is choppy, and doesnt flow from one point to the next.
Pretty cool though!