Playing Sports? (Football)

Evil Son

Who here is good at sports, and be honest, we don't want to here everybody blabbin' about how good of a QB they are.

I'm probably the 6th best player at my school, and I play Wide Reciver and and *really fast* and hardly ever drop it unless the pass was just too far and sloppy.


Dreaming to live
I briefly plaid running back for my old high school my senior year. I played a grand total of 3 games. I ran pretty well. In the last game the oposing team's coach got tired of me running down the throught of his team. As I have gathered he told two linebackers to, and I quote, "take that SOB out of the game". The front defensive lineman gave me a huge hole but as I ran through those two LB's came at me from both sides. When they got close I jumped to try to get away. Big mistake. They took me north and south. I landed on my head with damn near my whole body above me. Everything got dark after that. Long story short, I lost conciousness and had a severe concussion. I wasn't able to get clearence to play for the rest of the year. Oh, yeah. The two LB's explained what happened and appologised to me but wouldn't say anything against their coach, so he went on and still coaches to this day.