Please Stop Playing Skinny Puppy or We Will Boycott Your Station


"In the past few months a band by the name of Skinny Puppy has slandered Bush. At several of their concerts over the Summer they have simulated an assassination of the president. On their current Fall tour they simulated a beheading similar to the ones happening in Iraq. When the vocalist pulls off their hoods he reveals the terrorists to be Bush and Cheney. This is unacceptable and I encourage you not to play their latest record, The Greater Wrong of the Right, that has been indicated by their record label as being played on your station.

Conservatives are currently a majority of the populace now and we have voted into power a majority in every level of government. The people of this country have the power as evident by our boycott of the Reagan miniseries, the Superbowl, and the Dixie Chicks.

If you still choose to play their music we have the ability to put financial pressure on your station through boycotts. Please remove Skinny Puppy from rotation or we will have no choice but to boycott your station.

If you decide to stop playing Skinny Puppy as well as consider changing the format in order to provide more fair and balance we will consider removing you from the list."


Email I just got... these PABAAH people have free time I only wish I had. I think I'm going to dedicating an hour to PABAAH where we play the entire cd at one point. Do as much adtime for it as the station will allow. That's the only real way to deal with people like this. Antogonize them until they go apeshit and blow up the radio station. Then, they'll get thrown in jail.

I also told them to make sure the station name was in bold, possibly even underlined when they add it to their "list"
A friend of mine is the program director at a local radio station. He received this email tonight, from some left wing group with way too much time on their hands. :rolleyes: I did get a pretty good laugh from this though. :p

Some peoples lives must really be empty.

He also sent me this via AIM:
wtul works by letting the djs chose whatever they want, but they must play a set number of "merits" per hour. most of the time these are new cds, so new stuff gets exposure instead of the same old stuff.

we put these in the merits for now:
1 – Skinny Puppy “Bites and Remission” (Nettwerk)
2 – Skinny Puppy “Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse” (Nettwerk)
3 – Skinny Puppy “Cleanse, Fold, and Manipulate” (Capitol)
4 – Skinny Puppy “Rabies” (Capitol)
5 – Skinny Puppy “Last Rights” (Capitol)

last friday one of the djs played (basically) a skinny puppy track every other track.



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I fucking hate skinny puppy anyway ... lol ... it is shit like this that is gonna prompt me to subscribe to XM satellite radio when I get back stateside anyway.
I hate the meadia *grumble, grumble* even worse are the assholes who think they can strongarm the media just by "claiming" to represent any number of consumer groups ... lol


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i dont know skinny puppy and it doesnt matter because I thought that this was hilarious. wtf dont these people believe in free speak?


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That's funny. Really.

Do you really want them listening to your station?