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Plots are for chumps.


Raging Hermaphrodite
If you clicked on this topic because you bought land and disagree with my statement, you should reconsider the reason why you're on the Internet in the first place.

To the rest of you: Plots are for CHUMPS!

It's the new trend. A game, no matter its type, must have a story. Any story. Any story that is even remotely possible with 0.0001% probability and involves less than 15 blatant Deus ex Machinas.

You know, if this was a RPG, I would've said all right, OK, fine, I can get along with it. I even kept my cool despite the completely futility of giving a plot to fighting games like Dead or Alive and King of Fighters. If you know the plot of these games by heart, knock yourself on the head with a sledgehammer to forget about it as soon as possible. I did my part already, so contribute.

But what do I see upoin downloading Albatross18?

A story.

Yes, a story! A plot!


And it's not just any plot, no! It involves a demon, and dark energy, and the hero had to send a ball of light energy through the hole of dark energy, but he couldn't manipulate the ball with his bare hands! Gasp! So what does he do? Our mega-brave hero, in a stroke of genius that would've made Einstein wet his pants, decided to take a club and swing the ball into the hole! Pow! Now THAT is a hero! And thus the people of the land made a game that reproduced this same goal, in honor of this blessed hero that--

OK, I can't do this. I really can't. I feel stupider with every word of this story I type. But I think you folks get it. Those who don't, now is a good time to apply Darwin's Law of Evolution. You'd do me a great favor.

Back in my time, we didn't need plots. The point of the game was to get from point A to point B and shoot everything that dared have even the smallest, sacrilegeous beginning of the thought to block your way. The manual said only this: "Beat the end boss or everyone dies." That's it. Football game? "Win the game." Golf game? "Get the lowest score." Even the legendary game Outrun was too sexy for a plot. The manual said "We're putting you in the seat of a super-expensive, super-fast car. So drive like the wind you lucky sunnuvabitch."

I challenge anyone in this time and age to create a game that purposely has no plot or backstory. I can guarantee that he will explode in less than two weeks.