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Poem without a title.


Looking for truth
Since I started seriously writing (which was about ninth grade) I tried to avoid the stereotype pain-death-broken love poetry of my peers. However I did indulge in typical high school poetry a few times. This is an example of one of those times. I wrote it at about 2 o clock in the morning out after I woke up out of a dead sleep. I don't remember writing much of it. Just the waking up part.

No title

Alone in the abysmal dark,
mine eyes could not percieve light.
Left behind by a lover of sorts,
who I now sought out in the pitch black.
Giving up hope, too tired to move on,
I tried to cry myself to sleep.
But a step resounded in the darkness.
I openned my eyes in vain,
for a darker black than night
smothered them.
When my eyes did become
accustomed to the new darkness.
In the darkness I percieved her.
She walked towards me,
reeking of temptuos poison.
And I could not seem to gather
the strength to move away.
She moved closer and struck my
her venom embedding into my skin.
I openned my mouth to scream,
and she covered it with hers.
Her tongue suppressed my wailings.
Her gentle caress of my back soothed
my shaking.
Her chest against mine own surrendered
the tremoring.
Her body embracing mine froze
all emotion within me.
For hour upon hour she held me
in this torturous condition.
And she withdrew from me,
only to stab me in the chest
which moments before had so
willingly surrendered to hers.
She left this time for good, no comfort
given again.
And as I laid there, bleeding, dying.
I cried myself to sleep.


Banned - What an Asshat!
Very nice. I like it. Needs some minor work on flow and position, but other than that it is good.