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Being naked just feels so a-peeling
this is my first poem that I wrote...

No words to spell,
no story to tell,
Everything for me is just automatically well.
The tears i wanna cry,
sometimes i dont even know why.
But hope has let you see my smile,
It’s building up tile after tile
It’s getting bigger to an never ending wall
I’m lonely in this endless hall.
Why did I never let you see?
Why was I afraid how it could be...?

Ive written alot this past 3years and some say they are good..are they just bullshitting or..? feedback please =)

I have more if you want to see, but incase no1 is interested so :p


Angel of Death
Not fond of the rhyming. Good rhymes are often the ones that are hidden the best. Though i struggle with that as well.

You gave a good protray of your poem and it flowed really nice. Had a great structure to it and one can see for the most part it was well thought out.

Poetry is about how you feeling and the feeling the reader gets from you. Not everyone needs to love it or have faith in it as long as you do and the people who are the most imporant to you do.

Keep writting, also post here in the writers block... Please take a moment to read the rules



Being naked just feels so a-peeling
oh yeah, some ppl dun like that.

Oh yeah, I just had to test this thing out, becouse ive noticed some others have done it to.
All My poems are based on my feelings, they get all crappy if they arent


Somewhere in the Between
As long as you don't start doing the depressed poetry. Like "I hate myself, I want to die" but I digress. Good poem, Keep it up. 8.5.