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Poetic Victory


Angel of Death
The calm of the storm rest outside ,
as stale delusion state bring forth judgment
brought on by unfair light.
When one has tripped and fallen,
from a force no greater then thy own.
Have I but lost and failed?
Reviled thy straight face,
a devastation of thy own soul.
What foolish thoughts to linger in
That thy own exist, soul and heart
rest in someone else hands.
Have I forgot.
That thy hold the wings
of golden color of simple beauty,
to soar and fly with in the heavens.
That victory is held in the smallest things
and is not measured by those who never fall
But by those who rise again…

Iron Newt

Banned - What an Asshat!
how do you respond to this. sweet? i mean its great but, what did you expect to hear from a bunch of doofuses on like me. (btw, if i could write poetry like that i'd try and get it published and get rich. You did write that right?)