Poetry, don't like it then don't read it, if you do and want to post feel free


As the razor cuts deep and the blood falls on cracked earth,
There is no hope, no home, no hearth.
Strangled cries from lips burned with years of regret,
Fall on ears deafened by roars of those trying to forget.

And heads bow down to gods that cannot be seen,
While street angels fight on with a silent scream.
Souls of the damned try to catch the light,
Too late they fall in the moonless night.

Fear hides deep in shadowed memory,
Ripping at threads of sanity.
Rage dies with the passing of the flame,
For at the end, there's nothing left to blame.


Goddamit life
As the door shuts on another kaleidoscope day,
Dust dances with the light of broken promise thrown away.
And truth raises it's weary head,
Swearing this time all the right things will be said.

Praying for one bright moment against a darkend sky,
That just once dreams might fly,
Bracing for the impact of shattered glass,
Hoping only to feel your feet in the grass.

Drifting along in silent revelry,
Finding solace in silent lucidity.
Loving and laughing at a mirror full of hate,
Because Goddamit life somethings never go out of date.


Her Song
The deck creaks as she crests another wave,
Wind whistling through the sails promising to save.
As dawn breaks salt stinging the air,
She moves serenely on without a care.

Gliding through the open water like a dream,
High above the seagulls circle and scream.
And the lady dances slow like a lover,
Red dawn time to take cover.

There is no other life for one such as I,
Her bones will carry me till I die.
And when my sun rises for the final time,
My soul will give thanks to her as they cast my body to the grime.


You know, some of that stuff is alright,
cant understand shit of it, but it sounds alright.
Thank you for the kind words bud. The first one is my views on the pandemic, politics, and racism. The second is a reflection on my past loves. The third is about the life and death of a sailor. Hope that sheds some light on it for you and I also take request if you want to say something special to someone.


The Journeyman
Gypsy blood and the call of the wild,
The night wind whispers silky and mild.
My soul yearns for the open sky,
The moon rises no need to deny.

Another day passes like wind through the trees
I remember a smile that once brought me to my knees.
Burying deep another broken and bittersweet memory,
The need burns hotter than any thought or revelry.

The trees sway and the wild flowers bloom,
The sky clouds promising rain and gloom.
My feet were set on this winding way long ago,
Passing through desert trails and mountains covered with snow.

Waiting for something to speak from inside,
Hating how easy it is to keep stride.
Knowing pain and pleasure in a dream,
Laying my head down by a slow moving stream.

Smiling at empty roads stretched before me,
I flip a coin heads or tails, I guess we'll see.
And if I'm done and my eyes close in eternal sleep,
I'll move on exploring the reaches of the unknown deep.