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Pokemon Online! w00t!

I have two 3-inch binders absolutly packed with Pok'e'mon cards. I loved it when it first came out and I went to Wizards of the Coast almost every Saturday to play in the game things. But that was a long time ago. Ok, I showed more geek than I wanted to there...
You know what? I figure I should let my geek out right now. He hasn't been out of his cage in ages. I have Magic cards, D&D books and other associated gear, I love the Gauntlet games, and The Phenomanuats kick ass. Be suprised.


Bringer of Bees
Boycott said:

I just found out there's an online pokemon battling game...
I know, the show and cards and mass sellout = shit.
The game has always been awesome... And now it's awesome online :) Just can't wait for a game like Colleseum (graphics wise) comes out like this... and better controls and such :p
Fuck that pokemon was good when they had it on gameboy color.
that was the fun days.