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Headlines Political Yard Sign Wars Rage as Election Nears


Seeker of Truth
KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Reuters) - Two weeks before a tight presidential election, tension among bitterly divided voters is translating into a barrage of attacks on political targets that can't talk back -- yard signs.

Campaign signs depicting support for either President Bush (news - web sites) or Democratic challenger John Kerry (news - web sites) are being burned, chopped down, spray-painted and commonly, stolen away in the dark of night. There were reports even of a hatchet left in one and a swastika burned into a lawn sporting a Bush sign.

Though sign shenanigans are common in election years, some Republican leaders are calling this year's activity unprecedented. Democratic leaders say attacks are so rampant that supporters should take their yard signs inside at night to protect them.

"A lot of folks are doing sign stake-outs right now," said Democratic National Committee (news - web sites) spokesman Tony Welch.

Bush and Kerry are locked in a tight battle and have waged an increasingly vitriolic campaign in advance of the Nov. 2 election. The race has again shown a U.S. electorate narrowly divided.

Lawn signs in swing states such as Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania have come under attack, and emotions appear to be running high even in traditionally tame states like Kansas.

"I was outraged," said Lis Ross of Fairway, Kansas, whose "Kansans for Kerry" sign disappeared last week. "What made it worse was that they replaced it with a Bush-Cheney sign. I ran out there and ripped it into little pieces."

Perpetrators are rarely caught and penalties vary widely if they are ever enforced.
They're just colorful little bit of cardboard with a piece of wood attached. C'mon people, there is no need to hurt the signs.

How stupid can people get.

I hear this is big amoung senior citizens...


_ потерял душу _
Here in North Carolina there have been some reports of people getting charged with littering for placing the signs in puplic places..


Original Member
me and my friends go around and knock them all down... its always fun, kinda immature but hey who cares?


Kiss my Converse
Classic prank to paly on priniple, teachers, etc. :

Gather as many election signs as you can and put them in their front yard. Very juvenille, I know, but we had fun doing that way back when, even better if you document the event with video.


The Stranger Returns...
my friend and i stole one last by steal at night, so funny...decided to place it in a guy's yard where they voted for the other

back in highschool some teens (during christmas) stole tons of christmas lights, santa's, reindeer's, like anything they could steal from ppl's houses at night and then placed it all around a teachers lawn and set it all up...funny stuff


The Iron Lung
kinda off topic, but i've always wanted to steal something off of like a McDonalds and put it in a Burger king parking lot, see if i cant start a gang war between them. some food for thought/late night weed induced boredom.


You're my number two
Clutchtwice said:
Here in North Carolina there have been some reports of people getting charged with littering for placing the signs in puplic places..
Those are obviously Kerry signs.


Chaotic Smacktard
thats fun shit. especially those really big ones that are practically on a platform, its great when big trucks hit them though XD