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Headlines Pope Denounces 'Imbalance' of Wealth


Seeker of Truth
CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy - Pope John Paul II denounced the "imbalance" between the world's rich and poor Sunday and applauded efforts to eliminate hunger, like the recent U.N. initiative to increase funds for development.

AP Photo

The 84-year-old pontiff had to stop for breath every few words as he spoke to a few hundred pilgrims and tourists in his last Sunday appearance this season at his summer palace in the hill town of Castel Gandolfo. John Paul has Parkinson's disease, making it difficult for him to walk and to pronounce his words.

The pontiff said Sunday's Gospel passage about Lazarus, an impoverished beggar who ate the scraps from a rich man's table, was "ever more appropriate in reference to the problem of the imbalance between the riches and poverty of the world today."

On Monday, the presidents of Brazil and France encouraged 110 countries to back a new declaration to fight hunger and poverty and to increase funds for development. More than 50 heads of state or government joined in a debate at the United Nations on the impact of globalization and on ways to finance the war on poverty.

John Paul called the U.N. meeting important and said it was aimed at "a more united and efficient action against hunger and poverty." He noted the Vatican's No. 2 official, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, who is the city-state's secretary of state, participated in the debate and pledged the Holy See's support for the initiative.

The United States didn't join in the pledge to fight hunger and poverty. The Bush administration objected to proposals for international taxes as undemocratic and impossible to implement.

John Paul reiterated his Church's backing. "The Catholic Church assures all its commitment to eradicating the scourge of hunger and the other consequences of poverty from the world," the pope said.
That is is some funny shit coming from someone who's sitting on Billions of dollars.

That Pope looks pretty fired up...


Yay fire!
When I first caught a glimpse of that pic on this post I coulda SWORE it was a crying baby or an angry bald chimpanzee.

International taxes eh? piss on that.


Seeker of Truth
tzedek said:
I always knew the pope was a communist

He wants you to share the wealth. he needs his money for the evil empire, and to defend all those child molesters they like to hire...


tzedek said:
I always knew the pope was a communist
You didn't get that right...

Pope JPII did have the intention to remove both communism AND capitalism out of this world.

Communism, or at least the dictatorial system that was called that way colapsed, and it is only a matter of time untill capitalism collapses too.

It might be some years, months or weeks untill it blows to Kingdom Come. :rolleyes:


Was machen Sie?
yeah, the catholics sit on one of the heftiest religious thrones out there (or at least they advertise it while others don't). it's funny all this talk of taxation, yet the church doesn't pay a single dime in tax...could be part of the problem, no?
here's a better idea, encourage the opposite movement, tax every religious faction as normal citizens and businesses.