Headlines Pope Waves to Faithful on Palm Sunday


Seeker of Truth
Associated Press

VATICAN CITY - A drawn-looking Pope John Paul II, unable to preside over Palm Sunday Mass for the first time in his 26-year papacy, appeared at his apartment window to greet tens of thousands of pilgrims who filled St. Peter's Square.

The crowd cheered as the pope appeared at the third-floor window, decorated with a braided palm frond and the crimson papal banner, and waved an olive branch to pilgrims who jammed the sun-drenched square for the ceremony ushering in Holy Week.

He appeared for no more than a minute and did not speak. He put his hand on his face and pounded the lectern once just before the white curtains at his window were drawn closed. Vatican television did not zoom in close on John Paul as it has in his past window appearances at the Vatican and earlier at the Rome hospital that treated him for a breathing crisis.

The Pope waves for a minute, News story!

Anyone else thinking: Weekend at Bernie's?


A Rampant Vagitarian
I keep wondering if anyone would notice the differnece if the Pope would have died five years.. Just well balsamated. They´d carry him to the window or to the throne or whatnot, and then they´d occasionally pull a string to move his arm, or tilt his head from leaning on his right shoulder to leaning on his left..

Anyways. I think He has been the greatest pope ever... Unconventionally openminded and righteous.. Wondering what the next guy will be like? Some hard-as-nails conservative?


I'll fuck you up!!!
I think the pope is over-rated. He is just a regular guy. Tho he is really old and practically held just one level below Jesus himself by catholics all over. I am not a catholic tho. There are many things about catholics that confuse me. but No one can argue that Mardi Gras Rocks!! :p