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Strike First Strike Hard
[17:53] <MaxPower> hey lib
[17:53] * Parts: Asspackle
[17:53] <MaxPower> hey lib
[17:53] <libitron> yes?
[17:54] <MaxPower> pull my finger
[17:54] * libitron ignorantly pulls Max’s finger
[17:54] * libitron puts gas mask on
[17:55] <MaxPower> sorry
[17:55] <MaxPower> hadda do that
[17:55] <libitron> i heard a story about a guy that tried farting so hard that he started bleeding from his anus
[17:56] <[gh0st]> ow
[17:56] <libitron> that's actually pretty impressive
[17:57] <MaxPower> Here's one you can try
[17:57] <MaxPower> Throwing a fart
[17:58] <MaxPower> walking down the hall in school or some other place
[17:59] <MaxPower> as you fart; cup your hand over your ass, then carefully close your hand into a loose fist trapping the fart
[17:59] <MaxPower> as you walk past someone, throw your hand up to their face opening it
[18:00] <MaxPower> you'll throw it right in their face
[18:00] <MaxPower> Trust me it works
[18:00] <libitron> sweet
[18:00] <libitron> does it smell?
[18:00] <MaxPower> they receive a full, undiluted dose
[18:01] <|BRiT|> woops, clicked wrong button...
[18:01] <MaxPower> timing is everything in throwing a fart
[18:01] <MaxPower> it works best with a good egger
[18:01] * Quits: [gh0st] (leaving )
[18:02] <MaxPower> the egger fart is one with a high sulphur content
[18:02] <libitron> i bet i could do it, ill have to try it when i get gas sometime
[18:02] <MaxPower> as a result is very strong
[18:02] * Quits: Mr_Big (Read error: Connection reset by peer )
[18:02] <MaxPower> [18:01] * Quits: (leaving )
[18:02] <MaxPower> they both ran off to go throw farts
[18:03] <libitron> exactly, you revealed to much
[18:03] * Joins: I_hate_th ([email protected])
[18:03] <MaxPower> I'm afraid I've opened Pandora’s box

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