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Headlines president addresses the nation


Oppressing your posts...
to put it in short hand(and in truth hand)...

yes.. I directed america and other nations to invade iraq over false pretense using falsified documents and threats of force against allies, but it was for the better cause of getting saddam out of power...

we need to continue to support the war because if we pull out now, the world will see our mistake and weakness and fuck the shit out of us...

iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 but we must use our outrage over it to invade iraq anyway as the government over there was the same kind of thinking that did it(even tho it had nothing to do with it)

we must defend the fatherland from the iraqi and other middle eastern threat, and spread our glorious democracy upon those nations as it is our devine right yada yada yada, heil bush.... or something or other..

edit: oh yeah and they interuppted family guy for it... fuckers..


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I could have said it better. Repped!


Banned - What an Asshat!
actual transcript..

bush sharing witty banter in his ivy league clique.. discussing the irony of oil/blood cost ratio.. laughing indiscretely..
bush adopts texan drawl and moronic stare..
"i have to tell you, my nation of patriots.. we have a bigger threat than al qaeda today.. there are people amongst us who haven't donated money to the republican machine, they are being dealt with.. LINK
and if you aren't with us, you're against us.. as usual."
bush ceases moronic 1000 yard stare.. opens book of algebra puzzles.


Darklight said:
edit: oh yeah and they interuppted family guy for it... fuckers..
Family Guy is god damn serious business too!


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I was trying to tape family guy too. I ended up wish Bushes mug on the screen instead! Family guy started from the beginning near the end of my recording :mad: GRRR NO ONE INTERRUPTS MY FAMILY GUY!!!! :fuckoff:


a.k.a. FuckTheBullShit
I wonder, did his speech do more bad than good? I mean people who wouldn't have otherwise cared missef Family Guy.

I can see it now. "That bastard! I didn't really give a shit one way or the other but I'll never vote for another Republican again! He interrupted my fucking FAMILY GUY!!!!!"


Banned - What an Asshat!
it was deliberately broadcast during family guy to get a maximum viewing figure, they didn't even consider it would cause maximum pissedoffness..
typical, no exit strategy.. :D

Captain 151

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You know, just in my humble opinion, I thought his speech was pretty good. It showed that he was losing support from all directions (as some Republicans are now bailing out on him, since its his 2nd term which typicall spells doom), but he was responsible, forceful, and only mentioned "God" once, in that stupid holiday prayer. Regardless of his mismanagement beforehand, I believe Bush made a good address last night.

Please note, that this is an unbiased opinion. I believe, as a registered Republican, that Bush is one of the worst presidents this country has ever seen.

EDIT: I was upset that they cut off Family Guy for it. :lol: American Dad was funnier last night anyway.


Oppressing your posts...
this morning the furer held press conference over iraq.. repeating alot of the crap he said last night and totally talking around every question asked of him..

one reporter asked him why he didnt go through the judicial side to make sure his survailance of american's was legal prior to doing it.. bush got all super heated and instead of answering the question, accused the media of being distasteful and unamerican to have reported on his secret plans...

another reporter asked him if he feels he has made and wrong decisions in his presidency... bush took the question and changed it himself from a general question to specifically about iraq and essentially said senate gave him the power to use the military to curb terrorist threats and he used it(never mind iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, the origional reason he was givin the power)

ultimately he just went on and on defending his position on iraq and his illegal american survallance... talking around the questions, not answering them at all and fronting his own opinions and ultimately carrying this feeling that as president his decisions are perfect and he can do no wrong and we are all wrong for questioning him..