Pretty lousy day, lol. -_- *sigh*


Blind Drummer Of Doom
Seriously, this is pretty annoying. My grandfather(who I had enourmous respect for, he along with my dad, taught me to laugh in even the most grim situations) passed away recently, one of my grandmothers is dying, and so's her husband (my other grandfather) and so's Freckles, my dog, and my other grandmother is left relatively alone and depressed, it's so difficult to see, I dunnp what I'm gonna do about all these people, and Freckles, who are just gonna die around me... My dad seems to think I'm going to fail at everything, (not that he says it openly often) with good reason too. I try to get the results I want, but procrastination is my killer again. I can't say anything to anyone else, such as friends and family, about how I fail to acheive goals, on account of feeling like an ass about it all.

Then there's a the case of the relationships with friends and myself. My friends seem like they're being forcibly ripped from me and I'm losing what litte enthusiasm I had for getting out of bed. I generally have no attraction to girls my own age, my friends seem to acknowlege this. one of my friends said "You non stop fantasize about women not your age", that being Liv Tyler. So annoying, I don't even know what to say about that cause my wanting to be with Liv Tyler as much as I do, is illogicol. I can't...ever. Oh well, I try not to complain and worry about anything, but this has become a fair load to take on lol. -_- Thanks goes out to everyone who reads this lol :thumbsup:

-Nashias, gotta keep my spirits up though.

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Always bad to hear about deaths around you and its sad there's so many.

Let's just hope everything happens for a reason,

I guess grandparents time comes after awhile.

and sorry to hear about your dog.

think positive though because if life didn't think you could make it through this shit it woulda killed ya by now :D


I see how you feel, dude. My grandmother just passed recently too. Best thing for you to do, is just accept it and move on.


Somewhere in the Between
Oh, I'm Sorry Dude. Death is just a way of life. And sadly you have to deal with it. Hope Everything, Goes back to normal. My prayers go out to you man.