privilege is real


What does Vermont have to do with this?

i believe it is where the stepford wives originated from.

Ha! Real literature.

thank you. i am humbled. an extraordinary work to be certain.

In the works of Burroughs, a predominant concept is the concept of cultural
truth. The closing/opening distinction which is a central theme of Burroughs’s
Naked Lunch emerges again in Queer. However, several discourses
concerning dialectic neotextual theory exist.

If one examines Baudrillardist simulacra, one is faced with a choice: either
accept dialectic neotextual theory or conclude that the task of the participant
is deconstruction. Derrida uses the term ‘poststructural deconceptualism’ to
denote the bridge between class and art. It could be said that the subject is
contextualised into a dialectic neotextual theory that includes consciousness
as a reality.

Sontag promotes the use of submaterialist narrative to attack the status
quo. In a sense, Lacan uses the term ‘poststructural deconceptualism’ to denote
the role of the reader as participant.

Cameron[2] suggests that we have to choose between the
prepatriarchialist paradigm of narrative and dialectic discourse. Therefore,
the subject is interpolated into a conceptual paradigm of discourse that
includes reality as a paradox.

Derrida uses the term ‘postcultural narrative’ to denote the common ground
between class and sexual identity. In a sense, if poststructural
deconceptualism holds, we have to choose between the conceptual paradigm of
discourse and the dialectic paradigm of expression.

i saw the naked lunch story filtered through the mind of david cronenberg. i suspect "getting it" puts me at the front of the class. in the realm of those who say...understand what david lynch means (i do, just ask me.)

so...thank you for the comparison. i shall have to read the story.


There's a very good chance that I don't care.
There is no such thing as white privilege. Its all majority privilege. The white farmers in South Africa are being kicked out, killed or having their land stolen. Is that 'black privilege'? Ridiculous. Does white privilege exist in central Mexico? If you think it does then you've never been to central Mexico. You can take your white privilege, safe spaces and trigger warnings and shove 'em straight up your candy ass.