Problems with Queensland Education

Mr Cliche

The Chosen
Stupid piece of shit Student Represenatative Council. Despite the fact that most people at our school listen to punk (and its related off-shoots) doesn't change the fact that they will get a DJ that plays pop music at the school dances.

I'm so indignated I feel like setting up a picket line. The dumb teachers stopped us from going out of shade today, since there was meant to be a 'heat wave'. Then it rained.

So, we get to do GERMAN instead of sport, because we were the only school in Brisbane that cancelled sport!

I might scream now. Then listen to Rage Against The Machine.


Way too hyper...
get used to that type of music buddy... i've only ever been to one club that played only rock and punk....

actually, its at surfers: thouroughly recommend... :thumbsup: