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Last Living Souls
So, I got put in a program the last week and I havent been able to do shit. I get 1 phone call a day, which is only 10 minutes might I add. I have nothing to do but sit there all fucking day. Well, this weekend, I got a bye, which is basically telling me I can go home for the weekend but I have to come back the following monday or else I am arrested. Well, yea, My parents dont give a shit that I am in this program. Well, first, let me tell you the reason I am in this program. My brother and I started fighting, and my mom heard us and she grounded me and not him!! So I started flipping out and then I started foaming at the mouth. No clue why. But, my mom is the one who actually called the cops and told them I was going crazy, they were the ones who put me in the program. I am in here until I am sane. I do think it is better than being grounded at my house though, when Im grounded, I cant do anything. My parents lock me up in this tiny 5 ft x 5 ft room. In there is nothing but blank walls to stare at and just wait until the food comes sliding under the door. They dont even let me out to use the bathroom. I have to piss in the corner, so Im living in this smelly ass room for a week. But anyways, Im home for the weekend, I am going to be in the program for a while. So if I dont post on the weekdays, dont mind it, Im still in the program.

Brain Spout

Wizard No More
they make you piss in a corner? that "grounding" they give you sounds like child abuse. sounds fucked up, i hope that everything works out for you


You're my number two
Sorry to hear it man. We'll keep a seat warm for ya.
How do they when you're sane or not?

The grounding sounds pretty damn harsh. What about school?


Last Living Souls
How do they what when Im sane or not? and for school, I do not go, I dropped out bc my parents made me. They forced me to. :-\. Im just gonna go for my G.E.D. I know, not such a good job but I know everything in the machining trade, Im learning from my gf's dad, so I'll be getting a job in machining.