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Project for the New American Century, part II

In october I posted a topic called "Project for the New American Century" (PNAC) in wich I gave this link [ http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article1665.htm ] and asked you to debate what you thought about it. Some of you called it "Biased bullshit" or even "conspiracy theories". For those who haven't read it, read it.

Well I have read the real, official report called "Rebuilding americas defenses" by the PNAC. And let me tell you, the information clearing house article isn't biased bullshit nor a conspiracy theory. See for yourself, if it interests you. It's 800+k and you need a pdf viewer, like adobe.


Now here is a quote from the article above:
http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article1665.htm said:
Most ominously, this PNAC document described four "Core Missions" for the
American military. The two central requirements are for American forces to
"fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars," and
to "perform the 'constabulary' duties associated with shaping the security
environment in critical regions." Note well that PNAC does not want America
to be prepared to fight simultaneous major wars. That is old school. In
order to bring this plan to fruition, the military must fight these wars
one way or the other to establish American dominance for all to see.
If you read the report, you will see that this is true. It is NOT a conspiracy theory.

I am fucking outraged that this PNAC has huge influence in the Bush administration and that most Americans don't have a clue about what is really going on. If they did, they would've elected Kerry. Everyone in the US should read this report, or at least know about it before voting Bush. But now it's too late for at least 4 years...

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How come I'm not surprised at all... I haven't read the part 1 yet, so I'll comment more later. I must also make the pdf work in my computer. This shit is scary, though, reminds me a lot of Hitler's Germany and their plans on world dominance.


Was machen Sie?
Before you read what they wrote (the PNAC) I think its essential to know some background info on them first. (It'll make more sense.) This link provides so much information in an organized manner as well as links for more information on related topics of interest.


As for rage against:
I read that thing a long time ago because this isn't new. I forgot the details and will give my .02 cents when I can. I have to reread some of the issues.

But plainly this is 20/20 hindsight minus Iran- because I doubt we're done dealing with them and they us at this point.


Was machen Sie?
Excerpt from International Clearing House: and my .02 cents on it

The American economy will be ravaged by the need for increased defense
spending, and by the aforementioned "constabulary" duties in Iraq,
Afghanistan and elsewhere. Yah, yah, yah true but the budget is also supposed to be in prime condition to ensure the USA's spot in the light...wtf is that?? These PNAC members will be dead, or almost right around the time this happens, if it happens at all (at the rate we're going), barring any additional catastrophies happening..."brighter days are ahead, YAY for us."

Former allies will turn on us. Germany, France
and the other nations resisting this Iraq war are fully aware of this game
plan. They are not acting out of cowardice or because they love Saddam
Hussein, but because they mean to resist this rising American empire, lest
they face economic and military serfdom at the hands of George W. Bush.
This is crap. Those who opposed our interference in Iraq were initially pissed the deals they made w/ Hussein went to bits w/ our invasion. Nationalistic/patriotic fears might have surfaced somewhere later on, if at all.

Richard Perle has already stated that France is no longer an American ally.
And why is that? Because we have competing interests in Indo-China perhaps?
Oooooooh this is giving me a headache. I have to leave the report for later. Byes-


The Iron Lung
I agree its incredibly scary but the truth is, we're fucked. We are seeing the evils of a democratic republic at work. These people can lie their asses off to get to their position of representative, once they're there, they can do what ever they want. Agency representation works only if they seek to be "re-elected", Bush is gone in four years anyway, so what does he care.

I dont have the time to look it up now....but i remember hearing in govt class in high school that the people have the option to replace the current government if they find it unfit to lead.....someone with more time, please look this up.