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Fresh Meat
I was just admiring a great quote and currently feeling it's counterpoint (from one who alternates between heartbreaking and heartbroken):

"To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead. "

--Bertrand Russell, whenever.

"To not fear love is to admit a three parts diminished soul. Only a soul who won't love fully can withstand love's demise without terror."

--Me, just now (clearly just coming off heartbroken; and it takes me two sentences to counter Russell, damn it! I could have done it in one sentence if I threw in a "since," but it wouldn't have worked well).


Hopefully not an idiot
I agree fully with BOTH statements.

See, you didn't really counter him. You don't fear love, you fear the DISAPPEARANCE of love, which is quite different. Think of it this way, do you fear your best friend? I thought not. But if your best friend were to suddenly leave your life through death or some other way, would you fear THAT? That's not the same as fearing HIM.