PS3/4 youtube remote control bug?


The PS3/4 Youtube app has a feature that allows you to cast videos to it from the Youtube mobile app. There's no setup required to cast, you just open up the Youtube app and any Playstations on the LAN automatically show up in the "cast to" list. Normally this works like you'd imagine - you go to a friend's house, show them a video, disconnect when you're done and that's that. But for some reason there seems to be limited ability to cast to those consoles over the internet...?

Fri I was at a friend's house and cast some videos to his PS4. Last night I was home and went to cast to my PS4. I sent the video and went off to do other things, came back and noticed it never started. He messages me asking what was going on... apparently it was casting to my friend's console still. I was able to stop, pause and cast videos to his console over the internet last night - I sent several and had him verify them as they played on his console. We tried it again this morning after his PS had been powered off, and I'm no longer able to cast actual video. Anything I attempt to cast at this point just pauses his video, but I can still connect to his console and see what he's watching.

So WTF!? At some point I'm gonna setup to capture packets on both ends and see if I can figure out what's going on here, but this is strange.
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Its also super dumb that the keyboard on youtube on xbox/ps4 is inalphabetical not QWERTYUIOP{}, Which makes it harder to type.