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Punkasses in bumfuck, Georgia


i give up!11 /wrists
WTF is with these punkasses?! I apparently wasn't making a quick enough turn into my subdivision... so this piece of shit white truck Chevrolet :insert barf smiley here: followed me and rather closely. So, I took him on a joy ride, to confirm the fact, (of them following,) before wasting people's time calling 911. On one road, I was doing the speed limit and those fuckers came real close, threw something at my car, then turn around and speed off. And they think that's that. I guess stupid fucking redneck punkasses down here are oblivious to the fact that Mustangs have nice acceleration. So, I followed him on a likely path and what do you know. There he is. At this point I'm not following him for some revenge, but for his license plate. I get his license plate and start to dial 911. Then, he slams on his brakes, forcing me to. That's fine, better view of the plate, idiot. :mfinger: Dispatchers send a cop out in the area the event had ended and they had told us to go to the city hall in which it all began, to make an 'official report.' I did, they were closed, but luckily there was a cop there, who was willing to listen to our story and get all the necessary information. He said he probably lives in the same subdivision as myself and he'll find him tonight. (He informed us that he knows of a place, close to my house, with that description car and person.) Anyway, what the fuck is wrong with people these days?! Has anyone had any similar experiences? This is a fine example of why I can't stand most people that are my age. :mad: :mfinger:


That Guy
I've had people throw things at my car. I've had people swear at me. I've had people give me the finger.

Sometimes they had a reason, most of the times they didn't.


It seems idiots and pickups go hand in hand, I've heard of numerous such incidents. I have however, not been in one myself. (No cash and no school funded Driver's-Ed, what a bitch.)