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Q & A- When Inches & Looks Count

How much more money do tall people earn than shorter?

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Was machen Sie?
How much more money per year per inch do tall people earn than their shorter colleagues?

a. $789
b. $512
c. $364
d. No difference

no peeking! :p

According to an academic study conducted by professors at the University of Florida and the University of North Carolina, tall people typically earn about $789 more per year per inch than their shorter colleagues. Over the course of a career, that can add up to substantially greater earnings for those of high stature.

It turns out that height isn't the only physical attribute that could impact a person's earning power. A study by economics professors Daniel Hammermesh of the University of Texas and Jeff Biddle of Michigan State University found that people of average looks earned 3 to 8 percent less than people deemed to be good looking. The same researchers also determined that, "the probability of a male attorney attaining early partnership directly correlates with how handsome he is".

But those people on the shorter end of the spectrum shouldn't give up just yet. Despite the advantages that taller people have, some of the most legendary figures in all of business have also been among the smallest. At 5'9 Bill Gates towers over his peers in terms of individual wealth and former GE CEO Jack Welch is only 5'8. The founder of EDS and two time presidential candidate Ross Perot is a mere 5'7. These men are exceptions who prove that when it comes to success, those things under an individual's control are what truly make the difference: confidence can add inches and a warm smile can make anyone appear better looking. An inch may be valued at $789 per year, but dedication, innovation and a winning attitude are priceless.


Unforgiven said:
Well, I'm tall, but I'm also ugly as sin.

So it kinda balances itself out.
You are not ugly as sin. And I'm 5' 6". does that count as not short for a girl? (5' 4" according to the whack nurse at my dr.'s office. But i remeasured myself at home and got 5' 6")


Kiss my Converse
well, I am 6'11 ... plus I am dead sexy ... so I should be raking in all kinds of extra cash compared to the rest of you losers!!! w00t! go me! :rolleyes:
breakology said:
well, I am 6'11 ... plus I am dead sexy ... so I should be raking in all kinds of extra cash compared to the rest of you losers!!! w00t! go me! :rolleyes:
I'm 6'9.

And just started working for a drywaller. :)