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queer ass router configuration


The Iron Lung
I just realized i need to open certain ports (for slsk) i try to go through my routers configuration page to manually open them...i type in the ip and it asks for my user name and password...i've read not to input a username and that the default password is "admin" so i type it in and it doesnt asks me i type it in caps...I've tried downloading some software to help me open these ports, but they use the same configuration page for the router. I'm fucking stuck....Jung, where you at boy?


Hella Constipated
Type this:

User Name: admin

Password: admin

Sounds like you have the same router I have...Is it a Dell TrueMobile 2400?


You're my number two
Sounds like a linksys. Perhaps you've changed the password. In that event, you may need to reset it if you can't figure out what it's been changed to.

To reset your Linksys router:

1) Be aware of all your custom settings because this resets the unit to all default settings.

2) Find the RESET pushbutton "hole" - it's on the front of a BEFSR41 and rear of the BEFSR11. If your model is not one of those, just look on the front and rear for a tiny black recessed button..

3) Using a paperclip or a pen press and hold the reset button for about 5 to 15 seconds.

4) You should now be reset to the default settings for your current firmware. Among many things this means the password is now "admin" (so it's a good idea to change this first thing to something that you'll remember, but will be hard for someone unauthorized to guess).


The Iron Lung
Give it up for MaxMeat!!!!!!
It was a linksys wrt54g....reset simple...yet so very complex ( :rolleyes: )
I went through port forwarding...set everything runs like a baby slathered in butter :thumbsup: