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How dare you!?
Do you believe that things happen for a reason?
Either way state why...

Personally i do belive that things happen for a reason i believe this very much but the problem is we dont always know why when it happens....

Penny for your thoughts......SO PUT YOUR 2 CENTS IN


Jean Jacket Tough Guy
i dont beleive they do...because if i did and i knew my life was meant to be this shitty i would have ended it all a long time ago


_ потерял душу _
within 'chaos' there are 'actions', and 'reactions' directly related to one another, however, this fact does not, in any way modify the basic chaotic nature of reality.

things happen, for each occurrence, a 'reason' can be invented, defined, or supposed, and these reasons turn out, in the end to be just as random, as the events to which they are allocated..... :thumbsup:

There was a reason for this post... :p

[Shit happens]


The Stranger Returns...
i believe things are controlled by fate and choice...

we choose our paths by every decision we make...but sometimes things happen to us like job offerings that we had no choice in them asking us ... of course it was their choice to ask us.. but in our own mind it is fate that we were asked and now it is our decision to accept or decline...but everything is decision decision...

like right now..i decided to eat 2 bowls of cereal...and guess what :i'm allergic to milk, hahaha
it triggers my asthma, especially in this cold weather :(


Banned - What an Asshat!

Because: Everything in my life has happened for a reason I'll find out later, oh man I wanted to go to the movies... Thing is movie wanted to see wasn't there.. Little things will remind me later that "This has happened for a reason." And our decisions happen for a reason too.. They just do..

So there..
I was born a christian... i was taught that everything is a part of a much bigger plan... everything happens for a reason, though that reason will be revealed to us in due time... aka, the judgement.

but now, i believe in choice... what we do, what we believe... there is no master plan. nothing happens for a specified reason. why did my car get stolen? why did my cousin's b/f die? (RIP Randy, even though I never really knew you) why was my cousin born blind?
there's no reason for these. it just happens.


Hooked on Rocks!
swizeguy said:
Do you believe that things happen for a reason?
Either way state why...

Personally i do belive that things happen for a reason i believe this very much but the problem is we dont always know why when it happens....

Penny for your thoughts......SO PUT YOUR 2 CENTS IN
Cause & Effect! So yes, things happen for other reasons.


Destroyer of worlds
I have this theory where everything that happens in the universe happens somehow in some direct or indirect way for the sole purpose of annoying me. Selfish and closeminded? Maybe. But it explains a lot.


Yay fire!
This reminds me of Forrest Gump. You know, the part at the end where he says "I don't know if Lieutenant Dan or Momma was right - whether we've all got some destiny, or we're just floatin around on a breeze all accidental like - but you know, I think maybe it's a little of both."
Heh great movie :thumbsup:


Jippy, the silly old "happen for a reason" bull. I see this everywhere I go, bunch of dreamers.
Don't try blaming your mistake on destiny and reason. If you screw up, it's your own fault. It's so pathetic that man has to philosophize to find some masterplan that was never there and never will be.
We are so scared to be alone and responsible in this life that we invent Deities, Aliens, Destiny, Fate, and all the other kinds of crap.

So my answer ?

No, I don't believe in things happening for a reason.
I wish you luck in your pointing blame and evading responsibility.

"Blame it on the Tetons, God I need a scapegoat now"


The Dude

Heres the deal. We dont know. Those who believe in it, beleive in it. Those who dont, dont. But there is no way to ABSOLUTLY prove it. So who are we to go back and forth against eachother. Here is how i handle it all. I just sit back. Why get up and worry about it so much, and why complain about it? cuz its easy? Why? Just enjoy it! Is it unenjoyable? THEN MAKE IT ENJOYABLE! Your life is what you let it be. Its what you make of it. Yea, maybe your born into a shithole, if thats the case, get out of it, dont sit in it! So what do i think? I think what happens happens and that we have no control over it. Because after you do something, you cant go back and change it, and the result of it destiny, in its own way. My advice? Sit back and enjoy it. Take it as it comes. Why waste all your time complaining? But thats my opinion. Im entitled to it, so in my eyes it right. That doesnt mean it is or it isnt. So dont go telling me im wronge or right, unless you are God.

- Jake


(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I beleive we have the freedom of a dog tied to a moving cart.

We can go as far as our tether lets us, but no further. We're mostly dragged along at the will of the cart.

I won't get too far in to this, but I'll just say that my opinion changes a lot - on a day to day basis I'll completely invert my stance on this.


Critical Update Notification Tool.
yes things do happen for a reason why? because god makes them if it shit it means you fucked up or something good is going to come out of it yknow shit like that